I know the title is sneaker habit but let me just give you my year in review as well. This year I was received into the Catholic church through RCIA (confirmation, communion, etc.). I even managed to finally pick up my Associate’s degree (AA) from the University of Phoenix. I start working on my Bachelor’s in 2014. Went on the best vacation ever so far with wifey, my sister and her husband to celebrate their marriage among other things. Went to Jamaica, the Caymans, and Cozumel which is probably the most beautiful place I’ve been to in Mexico. Overall, it was a pretty great year. The only thing that I can see as a negative is my current health/weight situation. That is something that I am looking to fix after the holidays. I know it’s pretty much everyone’s new year’s resolution but for me it’s just a NEW ME resolution. Did that make any sense? I just need to do better for myself and give myself more time to spend with the people that I care about. Ok let’s leave that for another blog. 


So last Christmas I really took notice of all the Christmas packs for sneakers and I really wanted to cop but my family was first priority for the holidays. So I had mentioned to wifey that I really needed to step my shoe game up in 2013. Well it didn’t take much convincing because she’s always got my back 1,000%. I’ve always been into sneakers but I just never had the money to buy them. Even when I did have the money, there were other things that I focused my attention on. This past January I started my collection with my Puma Clyde’s Undefeated edition. Those were so fresh and just a clean shoe to wear for most occasions. I beat the crap out of those. LOL…

I think the first real heat I copped was the Air Jordan 3 Retro 88’s. Those were easy. I couldn’t believe how many people struck out with those. There were a lot of people that influenced me with sneakers but I think the first pair of kicks that I really wanted was the OG Bred IV. I remember back in the day my cuz Willie “Chase” Jackson got em for his birthday. Then my older bro Allen had some fresh ass Air Max 90’s too; the OG Infrared CW. We were living in Artesia, California at the time circa ’89 – ’92. When I got to high school there weren’t any kicks that I wanted. Let’s face it, I had other things on my mind in that stage of my life… Hey I was referring to football. LOL. The first person that I can remember with the dope shoe game was the uce (bro) Simon T. He used to work at the Finish Line at the mall back in…. uhhh damn back in the day I guess. Hahaa… he had all the new shit on release day. Him and his bro P was always rockin the J’s. At that time, Timberland’s was blowin up so we all had the Timz goin. 

Now with youtube, facebook, twitter and IG, I finally notice how big the sneaker culture is. I mean damn. That shit is crazy. For me, personally, I’m more of a Jordan head than a “sneaker” head. I mean I got some Barkley’s, Lebron’s, Puma’s, KD’s, and Flyknits but most of my collection is J’s. I mean you gotta cop what your budget allows. For me that’s just one shoe per weekend or none. This month has been so crazy with releases. Aside from all the Christmas shopping I had to do, I still had them releases on my mind. I copped everything on this list aside from tomorrow’s release – 3LAB5s. 


And there were still other kicks that I wanted like the Kobe IV off the prelude pack. So yea, if I was rich then I’d probably have every shoe that I wanted. Not like them hypebeasts with all the money in the world and they cop every damn shoe. Rich folks who post their kicks on IG are a fuckin joke to me. YOU’RE RICH! There’s no hustle or struggle to get your kicks. Not saying you can’t have them. Just saying you don’t need to post em. We know you get all the releases. That shit doesn’t really impress me.

I’m starting to cuss now so you know it’s gettin real up in hea! LOL… And all these idiots fighting in the malls and sneaker stores are the worst. Yall goin to jail over some kicks? Damn shame. Oh yea and some of these “shoelebrities” are hilarious too. They really think they’re above the regulars. Ay it’s good tho. Not all of em are assholes but some of em… man you live in a fuckin 1 bedroom apartment bro. Smh… but to the cool ones man big shoutout and much love.

Shoutout my uce Tome aka @gRizZ_LBC ( for shedding some light on the game. Scooped the Joker 3’s for me. Also much love to my boy KillaCam307 aka @CamAnderson31 ( – came thru for me on the Bred 11s for the low. And last but not least that nigga Young Handsome tha God LOL Mr @Just4Kicks212 ( – also showed me retail love on them Bred IV’s for lil bro. Everybody that I asked but didn’t come thru, FUCK YOU. LMAO nah I’m just messin with yall.Much respect to the shoe heads. Much respect to the dudes that give feedback like @YoAnty and his crew.

Much respect to the One Five Sneaker Team aka Shoeliganz aka ShoesOfAnarchy:

Gr1zz Teller lmao, Pow, Sy1500, Seth, Alo (ThatGuy), Jumbo, Aye Boy, Cahuna, CeeJay, Duceboi, damn did I forget anybody? Hahaa. Also salute to the uso’s outside the camp – Tre’ (SamoanBravado), Keawe (@ikblock), and Ant (@KULUKU_JONEZ). Really the only peeps I know. Oh them swayze cats up in the bay too. 

So that’s it. I just did my first youtube video. I’ll just leave you with that link. Hit the like button and subscribe… IF YOU WANT TO. LMAO

 Happy New Years yall. 



Death of a Hero: RIP #55

I was sitting here at the office (yes I get paid to blog too! LOL) when I heard the news. I actually found out via twitter. I thought it was a joke but I researched anyway and saw that TMZ broke the story. Then I saw it on Yahoo Sports. I was shocked. Like many others. I rushed to spread the tragic news to my family and friends on Twitter/Facebook. This really hit me…. hard. You don’t understand. If you were just a little kid when Seau was a Charger then you really don’t know shit. All you know is that he played for San Diego and was a great linebacker. My cousins and I couldn’t wait to get home from church every Sunday just to watch Junior DO WORK.


We pretty much worshiped the man. He was our HERO. I’m sure he was to a lot of people but he was more special to us Polynesians. Here was a Samoan guy playing football at the highest level and was known as one of the best defensive players in the league. That was huge for our people. I imagine it’s what Troy Polamalu is to most of the new generation AND many of us from the Seau era. Next to my dad, he was the only hero I’ve ever had. I remember the first time I heard about Junior. I believe it was 1988 and we lived in Artesia, California.

I was playing in the driveway with my friend who lived next door. At the time I had no interest in football at all. My dad yells out to me from in the living-room. I get in the house to see what he wanted. He tells me “look at that Samoan kid playing football on TV”. It was Junior Seau playing for the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA TROJANS!!!  I was amazed. I sat there with my dad for the whole game. I became a USC fan that day. I became SEAU fan that day. I became a football fan, period, that day. That’s  what Seau meant to me. That’s how he impacted my life.


:A lot of my people hated Seau. They said he was talking shit about our people on TV. First of all, I never saw this interview and neither did most of the people that were making this claim. Supposedly Seau was talkin about lazy Samoans.Ok……. where’s the part where he said “I’m ashamed of my people. Every Samoan is fat and lazy”. Was that anywhere in the interview? No???? Then what the fuck are you talkin about? Seau was a proud Samoan. He just wasn’t happy about some lazy asses. I hate Samoans that gossip (Faikaz). I hate crooked ass Samoans like those involved in the whole Manu Samoa/SRU drama. Does that mean I hate my people? HELL NO! 

My words to Seau

Junior, you will be missed. My heart aches for your mom and the family.I wish you didn’t go out like that.  I don’t feel bad for you though Junior. I’m so fucking pissed off at you. You’re SAMOAN!! You don’t pull some shit like this. Why didn’t you turn to your family? Why didn’t you reach out to any one of your friends? Why not go to church to seek God’s council? Why couldn’t you just go back to Samoa to remind yourself of how blessed/fortunate you were? And that life wasn’t so bad after all? Why couldn’t you think of the aftermath of this horrible decision? Your mom’s reaction. Your kids reaction. The reactions of all the people that know you or know of you and care about you. You’re so fuckin selfish for this! 

I was angry with a friend for saying I don’t feel bad for him. He’s a coward. He took the easy way out. After my emotions settled, I realized that my friend was right. I loved and respected Junior but this is unacceptable. This blog is just all over the place right now. I can’t even think straight. I can’t stop thinking about Jr’s family. 





To all the Samoans that hated on SEAU: JUNIOR DIDN’T OWE YOU SHIT!! Just because he didn’t donate to your fuckin church or help pay your bills doesn’t mean he didn’t care about his people. He took care of his family and his community. He made it big for our people. He wasn’t the first to make it but he was the first to achieve legendary status. Stop hating. It’s not a good look. 

This tweet says it all:

“Younger folks may not know the important impact Junior Seau had on the game of football, he was the ray Lewis before ray Lewis 



Kids these days…

I haven’t blogged in forever. Not sure why. But I appreciate you for taking the time to let me vent. A little girl died last week after a fight with a classmate over a boy. Ok, these girls are 10 years old and fighting over a boy? Really? Now they’re saying the girl was being bullied at school. What the hell is going on with kids today? There are so many stories/incidents that are linked to bullying at school. Do the parents have a clue? What are they doing to make sure that their kids know that bullying is wrong and it’s not right to go looking for trouble? I personally witnessed today’s parental skills a few weeks ago. 

My wife and I are doing laundry at the local spot. It’s on the east side of Long Beach so you know it’s just ghetto as hell. Anyway, this Hispanic family is there doing laundry as well and they had their 3 kids with them; a teenage girl and 2 kids under 10. The 2 kids are running around the laundromat, running into people and not giving a damn. Eventually, they run into an elderly woman, almost knocking her to the ground. The woman tells the children not to stop running around. The kids ignored her and continued to run throughout the whole place. They ended up hitting the old lady again and my wife finally yells at them to stop running around. 

The teenage girl sees this and decides to get in my wife’s face. My wife, calmly, asks the teen “Where are you parents?” The teen cusses out my wife and starts swinging. My wife paused for a brief moment thinking “Is this little bitch really swinging at me?”… then proceeded to put a proper beating on the teenage girl without breaking a sweat. I didn’t even notice the fight because I was watching Jeremy Lin go in on the Lakers. Then I hear all the ruckus from all the Hispanics in the laundromat as they swarmed to break up the fight…. or save that dumb girl from ending up in the hospital. I get there to make sure the men weren’t trying to jump wifey. They all start yelling at wifey and screaming “CALL THE COPS”. Wifey said “Call the cops! Your daughter swung at me!” SELF DEFENSE bitches! 

Immediately, all the Hispanics huddled together to get their stories straight. But none of them saw what happened. The only witness was the elderly woman. My wife told the girl’s parents what happened and they still decided to call the cops to take wifey. Cops came, took both stories, talked to the elderly woman…. then told my wife to PRESS CHARGES ON THE GIRL. LMAO… The girl and her parents felt so fucking stupid! I was dying… My point here is parents like that are the reason why kids are so fucked up nowadays. If that was my daughter and I found out that she started a fight with a grown ass woman for some bullshit… I would beat her ass myself for starting trouble with an adult over some dumb shit. Or I would tell her that’s what you get for starting some bullshit, and apologize to the adult for my daughter’s fuckery. 

Instead, these dumb asses decided to ignore the fact that their daughter was causing trouble and ended up getting her ass whooped for it. This is the shit I’m talking about. Parents need to be parents and stop trying to be a fucking friend to their kids. That’s how you get them fucked up. I know a grown ass woman that helps her daughters sneak around behind their dad’s back to see their boyfriends. Now, two of her daughters are pregnant. WTF is wrong with yall? Be a PARENT dammit! <== moral of the story… okay I think I’m done with today’s Public Service Announcement (PSA) –  BE A PARENT TO YOUR CHILD. NOT A FRIEND. Oh and if you know who I’m referring to, don’t get mad. It’s just reality. Accept it. At least I didn’t drop names… 



Seriously. FML. Why do I keep putting myself into fucked up situations? My bad habits always seem to bite me in the ass; time and time again. When will I ever learn? Procrastination is a motherfucker. I always say that I’m going to change but wtf? I mean I really do TRY. Somehow I keep falling back into this routine. The only one that truly suffers is the people that I care about. I could give a shit if I start seeing the consequences but when it starts to affect the people that I care about… man I just need to fix that shit. I hope they know how truly sorry I am. I don’t mean to fuck up but damn…. something has got to be wrong with me. I know I’m not perfect but is it possible to fuck up more than usual? There’s a lot of things on my plate. Mostly problems. MIAMI. If you don’t know what that means, ask somebody. I know you’re probably saying “We all got problems”. Well muthafucka you’re on my blog so you’re gonna hear about MY shit alright??? Wow I haven’t blogged in a while so if u notice any errors blame it on my Droid. If you think Im being a little bitch then hey itz ok. I don’t care what you think. You clicked on my shit. Before I go just wanted to say I love my family, love my team, love God… in any order. (Yes I just gave a shoutout)HAVE A NICE DAY.

Graduations, Raider Nation, and Bomb sessions (Graffiti)

Welcome to another weekend wrap up. So it started off with graduations. My young fam Will Alo graduated from Cal State Dominguez Hills. Congratz bro!

WIll Alo (photo courtesy of his FB page. LOL)

Graduation #2 was my little bro Thomas Patolo from St. John Bosco HS. This was the smallest graduation class I’ve ever witnessed – under 300 seniors. It’s been a rough 4 years, watching him play for a team that was better than their record showed. Anyways, congratz bro.

tapatio anybody?

That was the first half of the day (Saturday). From there, the whole fame went to HTB to celebrate the occasion. It was cool. I had some chicken and brown rice. Didn’t go overboard but I did have some dessert. I’m still on my diet/workout regimen but we’ll save that for another blog in the future. So we throw down and post until the older folks were done with their conversations and start to head out. So I’m heading out towards the Clark Ave exit and notice that they blocked off half of the parking lot by Fuddruckers and the HOP. As we get closer I see that they’re having a car show. Normally, it would be 1950’s type cars so I’d keep pushing. But as I drive by I notice sportbikes and lowriders so we decide to pull over and see what was going on. We figured “Why not?”… We didn’t have any plans and this would be pretty cool.

It turns out, this was actually a car show/gathering for the RAIDER NATION. My first thought was to leave but I wasn’t there for them. I was there for the cars and to just enjoy the whole experience with my little fam. Peep the pics…Oh BTW…. all pics from the car show were taken with my DROID X. I didn’t have the Nikon or the Canon P&S so deal with it. LOL. (Click to enlarge)

my lil mama

From there, we just chilled at home for the rest of the day since my daughter was feeling a little sick. Sunday was all about one thing….bombing (graffiti session). It was just a much needed get together for the team. My boyz have been steady grinding on the writing tip and I’ve just been too busy with work, fam, health, and personal shit. I just couldn’t find the time. We finally found a day where we were all available (mainly me–smh) and wanted to do work while we had the time. We had time for two walls.


This one is for my big uce Edwin “GENO” Fuaga RIP.


When I got in this game I decided to take his name to honor him. Much respect to my boyz FUER1 & FAIT for comin thru yesterday. It was long overdue.

So that’s the weekend wrap up. This weekend we’ll be hitting up the IRONLAK Los Angeles grand opening event. I should have a recap for that by Monday. Until then yall stay safe and count your blessings. There’s always someone else out there that has it worse than you.


Weekend Wrap Up:

It started off with a stressful day at the office. Whatever… no need to think about all that BS. It’s Friday and I gotta drive out to the 209 area code for the weekend so fuck this day at the office. Anyway…

I leave work and head over to Citibank to do some depositing. Check my Wells Fargo and Chase accounts on my phone to make sure everything is straight for the weekend and head out to meet wifey for some fish tacos at Hole’ Mole’. It’s become a Friday tradition since Lent started and they make the best fish tacos outside of Mexico.

From there, we head home to chill before heading out on the road. The rest of the passengers arrive. We load up and head north on the 405. Before we leave LA, we see the exit for Wilshire in Westwood. We’re all thinking the same thing – DIDDY RIESE COOKIES. If you’re ever in LA, you have to stop by for some cookies. So we get there and park at the VIP spot (that only the G’s know about) and the line to get in is almost to the end of the block. I’m posted in the car while the girls are doing the purchasing. Women have patience for that sort of thing. Me? Nope. While waiting in line they pick up a couple turkey sandwiches from Socko’s Subs. These were probably the best turkey subs I’ve ever had and they were perfect for this road trip. Yes it was Friday and we weren’t supposed to be eating meat but don’t worry… we waited until after midnight. LOL…

The drive was perfect. No traffic. Once we past the hills/canyons and got to the Grapevine, I hit the cruise control and just chillaxed the rest of the way. Stopped once in Coalinga to stretch and refuel. It looked like a scene out of the Crazies – the abandoned truck stop/gas station diner. It was close to 2am and it was just creepy so we hurried out of there asap. Got to Patterson by 3am; a cool five hour drive. You gotta have enough music to get you through. 2k songs on the iPod made it a breeze.

Got a few hours of sleep in before I got up to join the rest of the fam who already had the bbq going. It’s great to be around family. Especially my cousins who I haven’t seen for a while. It’s always great reuniting with my cousins out there. We’re more like brothers. That’s how close we are. We’re a tight knit family. Seeing all our kids playing together was really something special. I wish all our kids could grow up as tight as we did. I still had nieces and a nephew in Long Beach that couldn’t make it and also the little ones from Oregon. It was still a beautiful sight. We’ll catch the rest on the next get together. It was a fun day with the fam. My niece’s cake was done by a local cupcake company in Long Beach. Sorry but I forgot the name. They were on the food network for some battle of the cupcake show. 5 stars for the cupcakes.

Sunday was a chill day. Caught the 9:30am mass at Sacred Heart. The mass was in Spanish. LOL. We were supposed to be at the 8 o’clock mass. Oh well we stayed anyway. Spent the rest of the day at my uncle’s house to chill with my cousins. They had Wrestlemania on deck too. My cousin Cilla prepped one of the bedrooms for me to get some rest before driving back so I crashed right away. Thanks cuz! It was the best sleep I had all weekend.
Woke up just in time to see the Rock ruin the match for Jon Cena. Smh. Cena is probably the only wrestler I like (NH) in the WWE. I honestly haven’t been following wrestling since the Rock left. From there we packed up and said our goodbyes. It was a smooth ride back to LA. One stop for fuel at the grapevine and we were homebound. Oh btw there was some ghetto ratchets at the gas station that were trying to get to LA but had no gas or money. They waited for me to leave so they could try to “persuade” the gas attendant to hook them up with some fuel. LMFAO! Ok that’s my weekend wrapup. Sorry no pics. I forgot my camera’s memory card and didn’t feel like using my phone. Until next time.


Oh and another thing. If you see this posted on FB… don’t trip. I haven’t gone back on my lenten journey. My FB account is linked to my blog so anytime I blog, it automatically gets posted on FB.